About Toppan Interamerica

We design, print and supply decorative papers and films for commercial and residential surfaces such as floors, counter tops, cabinets, furniture, fixtures, walls and more. Toppan has gained international acclaim for its design development that replicates natural materials such as wood and stone. With nature as our inspiration, we apply our unique market research, design creativity and printing expertise to produce innovative, trend setting surface materials.

Headquarters in McDonough, GA

Printing facility in Morgantown, PA

We have two manufacturing facilities in the United States, our headquarters in McDonough, GA and our printing facility in Morgantown, PA acquired in 2012. The Toppan Group also has a global presence in décor materials with factories in Europe, the United States and Asia. Our strategic partnerships, collaborations, and relationships with companies and people around the world allow us to offer the best of the best when it comes to decorative surface materials.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Toppan strives to provide technology and materials contributing to environmental conservation at the global scale in hopes of building a more sustainable society. Our products don’t just look good, they are also good for the environment by reducing resource usage. Proving that high-quality design, functionality, and sustainability can coexist. Click below to learn more about Toppan’s global sustainability goals!

Toppan Inc.

Toppan was founded in 1900 and is headquartered in Tokyo. Since then, the Toppan Group has grown beyond its traditional printing business and now offers a broad range of products and services with printing technologies at their core in the Information & Communication, Living & Industry, and Electronics segments.

Toppan at a Glance

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